Best Artifical Intelligence Programs Offered in Universities

While there aren’t many undergraduate programs in artificial intelligence, opportunities to add an AI component to one’s study is often available through undergraduate degree programs in computer science.

In some schools, associate degree programs in robotics are available. Most degree programs in artificial intelligence, however, tend to be available only in graduate programs. Nonetheless, below are some of the top schools for computer science and artificial intelligence programs.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

With one of the highest ranked undergraduate as well as graduate computer science programs, it is no surprise that MIT also rank highly in their AI and robotics programs. With world-class facilities such as the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT is at the forefront of cutting edge technology and research in AI and robotics.

Offered through their Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department, graduates have the chance to choose Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence as their main field of study and research. Though there are no specific programs at the undergraduate level, students have the opportunity to participate in AI research.

Carnegie Mellon

Widely-renowned and respected, Carnegie Mellon’s many degree programs related to computer science has been highly ranked, and their artificial intelligence programs offered through the School of Computer Science is no different. Undergraduates interested in AI have the chance to receive an additional major in human-computer interaction or robotics.

Minors in both these fields as well as language technologies, machine learning, and neural computations are also available at the undergraduate level. At a graduate level, there are a variety of master’s and doctorate’s programs available for those who wish to pursue AI, from robotics technology and computer vision to intelligent information systems and language technologies. It is worth noting that Carnegie created the first doctorate program in robotics in the United States.

From the beginning of AI development, Carnegie has been recognized as the leader of AI in regards to research and advancement. Students who study at Carnegie are at a special advantage when it comes to AI.


Notable for its close connections to local tech start-up companies and entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley, Stanford’s computer science programs is amongst the best in the United States.

Although there are no AI components offered at the undergraduate level, Stanford’s graduate programs in artificial intelligence has topped even the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University. With unique facilities such as Stanford’s Artificial Laboratory — with an affiliates program that features companies such as Samsung and Panasonic and is a home to over thirty robots — those who wish to pursue AI should highly consider studying at Stanford.

University of California – Berkeley

Though not an area of study at the undergraduate level, students have the opportunity to participate research and collaborate with several other campus groups at UC-Berkeley, promoting the interdisciplinary nature of AI. Topics of research include speech and language, vision, search and information retrieval, knowledge representation and reasoning, learning and probabilistic inference, and robotics.

At the graduate level, Berkeley offers a unique opportunity to choose between industry-oriented programs and research-oriented programs in AI.

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