Overview: A Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Often, getting a bachelor’s degree in computer science is usually the first step for those who wish to pursue a career working with computers and technology. Like many fields of study, a bachelor’s in computer science can branch of into a number of different paths and programs. As a result, there are many different career options to choose from once you have obtained your degree.


Like all bachelor’s, a bachelor’s in computer science typically takes around four years to complete. This can be shortened or prolonged, depending on a student’s course-load and circumstances.

There are also a number of specialized computer science degrees that could require additional study time. These degrees are, but are not limited to:

  • Bachelor’s of Applied Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology
  • Bachelor’s of Mathematics in Computer Science
  • Bachelor’s of Computer Security in Computer Science
  • Bachelor’s of Engineering in Computer Science
  • Bachelor’s of Computer Science and Arts
  • Bachelor’s in Combined Commerce and Computer Science

Specializations (such as Software Engineering) and certifications will usually require additional study time as well. Additionally, coursework requirements can vary depending on which department you wish to study computer science in.

Typical Course-outline

As with most bachelor’s, the general requirements according to one’s faculty must be completed. These usually include credits from courses in science, language, english literature, and the humanities. Aside from the credits received from the general required courses, most degree programs will require you to take 60 or more credits in courses related to computing and mathematics. Some degree paths may require a stronger emphasis on mathematics, while others could have a specific emphasis in a field related to computer science.

Employment Opportunities

As more technological advancements have been made, many businesses now rely on computer support, thus allowing many employment opportunities for computer science students. Jobs such as software or app development, computer graphics, and database security are all possible options for those with a bachelor’s in computer science.

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