Overview: A Master’s in Computer Science

An ever-changing industry, many professionals in computer science will spend a great deal of time learning new technology skills and getting specific certifications. It was not until recently did people begin to choose to pursue a master’s degree in computer science, with the growing availability and flexibility of both traditional and online programs.

Typical Course-outline

For all those who enter a master’s degree program, most core requirements will have already been accomplished at the undergraduate level. As a result, it takes a shorter amount of time to complete a master’s than a bachelor’s.

A master’s degree is often obtained with the completion of 30-36 credits, though this may vary if depending on specialization. Most of these courses are built around topics of computing and mathematics; however with the growing interdisciplinary approach to computer science, some courses could be on the relations of the humanities and computing.

The specificity of these courses are dependent on what kind of master’s degree is being pursued. For example, a master’s in computer graphics could involve extensive courses in geometric computation, human-computer interaction, and design thinking. In comparison, a master’s in application development would require different courses such as programming languages and user interface/user design. Because of these specifications, a master’s degree can be considered as an alternative to some certifications that are industry-specific.

Employment Opportunities

With the proof of a in-depth understanding through extensive study of a specific specialization, a master’s degree in computer science usually provide a great deal of benefits and opportunities regarding employment.

Not only would those with a master’s degree have an advantage when it comes to most certification tests, it is a wonderful way for one to change career paths within the  industry. This is because many jobs are especially specialized in computer science, and usually a general bachelor’s degree can lead to a number of differing and not-too-specific positions. Having a master’s would help one gain specific work that one is particularly passionate or interested in.

As well, for those with a keen interest in the more academic and research-oriented side of computer science, a master’s degree in computer science have the option of pursuing teaching and researching at a university of college.

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