Overview: An Associate’s in Computer Science

An associate’s degree is often seen as a transition degree or a way for one to take the first step in switching careers. However, an associate’s degree in computer science is often a great way to begin the process of gaining more work experience and technical certifications to prepare for employment in fields related to computer science.

Typical Course-outline

Like most associate’s degrees, a computer science associate’s can be obtained with the completion of around 60 credits. Of these 60 credits, half of it need to be received from the completion of computer science specific courses. These courses generally include introductory courses, data analytics, applied mathematics, as well as a specialized programming language of the student’s choice (though it is generally encouraged for the student to learn more than one programming language).

The remaining other 30 credits are typically used to complete the general requirements which vary from school to school. They often include credits received from courses such as english literature, sciences, and the humanities.

Acquired Skills/Knowledge

Basic computing organizational structures, data and network management, and software design are just few of topics one will gain knowledge of after the completion of an associate’s degree. This allows students to have a solid foundation if they wish to pursue higher learning or if they wish to obtain specific certifications in order to gain employment. As well, many will learn a variety of programming languages and gain valuable programming skills.

Employment Opportunities

Due to the fact that some employment opportunities require students to have other certifications to be qualified and considered for the job, an associate’s degree in computer science usually serves as a substitution for work experience. Thus, most entry level jobs in computer science related fields that can be obtained with a bachelor’s degree can also be obtained with an associate’s degree.

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