Overview: Specializing in Artificial Intelligence

For the general population, the first thing that perhaps comes to mind when discussing artificial intelligence (AI) are robots or maybe the movie The Terminator. However, artificial intelligence is actually a highly specialized concentration within the computer science industry that have played a part in many of the technologies we use today.

These technologies include voice commands, image recognition, automatic vehicles such as drones, and more. A interdisciplinary field that combines skills and knowledge from computer science, philosophy, engineering, linguistics and psychology, the study of artificial intelligence is more than what meets the eye.

Typical Courses Taken

Typically, a degree in artificial intelligence is only offered in graduate programs. Coursework usually include topics related to neural networks, knowledge representation, logic and reasoning, robotics, and the principles and techniques of artificial intelligence.Completion of the courses leaves students with a strong and thorough understanding of artificial intelligence, allowing them to be more eligible for jobs related to developing AI.

While most bachelor programs do not offer a degree in artificial intelligence, many will pursue a degree in computer science with a focus on courses that have to do with artificial intelligence. These could include topics such as computing and society, cognitive systems, and logic programming. This gives students a general and basic understanding of artificial intelligence, and could aid in further advanced study in the field specifically.

Employment Opportunities

Because artificial intelligence is such a highly specialized field, many who study it in universities or colleges tend to have a specific career path. A number of employment opportunities are present in various institutions, however– from academic research institutes to industrial and company research as well as development groups, those with a passion and talent for AI development are highly desired.

Additionally, due to the interdisciplinary nature of the work and study of artificial intelligence, many with experience and knowledge of the discipline will also have background studies that could include philosophy, psychology, mathematics, linguistics, or engineering. This could allow for other employment options outside AI.

Featured Image: depositphotos/vitaliy_sokol