Top Universities for Computer Programming

Those who write code that allows computers to perform functions are called computer programmers. Programmers analyse code and develop solutions to computing problems that sometimes surface in computer programs.

To get an entry-level job in programming, one would usually need to have obtained a bachelor’s in computer science or a related field. Computer programmers tend to work in the field of Information and Technology (I.T) or Software Development. If you are someone who aspire to become a computer programmer, the following universities are not only some of the best universities to obtain a computer science degree  in the United States, but also worldwide.

Carnegie Mellon University

Located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Carnegie Mellon has consistently been ranked as the top school for computer science and programming. A variety of undergraduate programs such as a bachelor’s in computer science, computational biology, and computer science ard arts. These are all offered through their School of Computer Science.

Additionally, unlike typical undergraduates, those at Carnegie Mellon often have part-time or summer jobs participating and aiding in research. Admissions to Carnegie Mellon’s computer science programs is highly competitive — of more than 6000 that applied for their undergraduate program in 2016, only 359 students were accepted.

University of California – Berkeley

There are two paths for those who wish to pursue a bachelor’s in computer science at UC-Berkeley — either through receiving a bachelor of science or a bachelor of arts in computer science. There is no difference in the computer science courses in both programs; the difference lies within which other courses you are required to take — either engineering or social sciences and humanities.

The bachelor of science in computer science is done through the admittance to the Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences major, which is offered in Berkeley’s College of Engineering. This option is best suited for those who wish to receive a competitive edge in their engineering education, and is ready for a tough training in the sciences.

The bachelor of arts in computer science is typically done through the Berkeley’s College of Letters & Sciences. Students who wish to pursue this degree must complete their required courses to declare the major with the minimum GPA, then petition to be admitted to the Letters & Sciences Computer Science major. This option is best suited for those who have a strong interest in the liberal arts as well as computer science, or for those who wish to double major.

Located near San Francisco, California, UC-Berkeley offers the perfect location for students of computer science to pursue internships with well-known tech and social media companies such as Facebook and Google.

Stanford University

At Stanford, their Computer Science Department is part of their School of Engineering. Thus, those who wish to pursue a bachelor’s in computer science at Stanford must also complete the engineering requirements set by the School of Engineering. Like those at Carnegie Mellon, undergraduate who are pursuing a bachelor’s in computer science have the opportunity to participate in research. In addition, teaching opportunities are available as some discussion sections are lead by computer science undergraduates.

Stanford’s Computer Science Department is located right in the centre of SIlicon Valley, a place rich in technological advancements and innovations. As a result, the department has connections to many local tech companies, which aids in students who wish to receive summer internships as well as employment upon graduation.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

At MIT, a bachelor’s in computer science is obtained through their Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) degree. It is the largest degree offered at MIT. EECS allows for student to design their own curriculums and explore what interests them most in the field. Unlike most undergraduate degree programs, EECS at MIT also offer hands-on experience and training so students are capable of applying theory to real-life problems, a valuable skill in computer science.

On average, those who graduate from the EECS degree program have an entry-level salary that averages $90,000 annually.

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