Best Universities for Early Childhood Education

One of the most important steps before going into post-secondary is to do research for the many programs and degrees offered by universities or colleges. Compiled below are some of the top universities, colleges, and online programs for a degree in early childhood education.

1.) Vanderbilt University

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Vanderbilt is considered to have one of the best education program in the United States. Its Early Childhood and Elementary Education program allow students to pursue a program that is a striking balance of research and actual practice through real-classroom experiences. Students can choose to pursue a teaching license in Early Childhood Education (pre-K to third grade), Elementary Education (kindergarten to fifth grade), or both. An additional major in child studies is encouraged.

2.) Boston College

Another post-secondary school well known for their academic programs is Boston College. Their Early Childhood (pre-K to second grade) program is offered through the Lynch School of Academics, though it is only available for those who are pursuing a Master of Education. An undergraduate degree can be pursued through its Elementary Education (first grade to sixth grade) major. Both programs provide a wide-range of tools, resources, and skills to succeed as an educator.

3.) University of Cincinnati Online

The University of Cincinnati provides a nation-leading and unique Early Childhood Education (birth to age 5) Online program. Because of its online status, the program is easily accessible anywhere. They offer two degree paths: a Bachelor’s degree or an Associate Degree–which is tailored towards professionals who has had experience in early childhood care.

4.) UMass Online

The University of Massachussets-Amherst offers their online Early Care and Education degree through University Without Walls (UWW). Students can design their own program of study from topics such as multi-cultural education, early childhood curriculum, reading, math and science methods, inclusion, children’s behavior, and behavior management. However, they are not a licensure program. Despite this, UMass can help with getting the licensure upon contact.

5.) Michigan State University

Michigan State University offers an undergraduate degree through its Early Care and Education major in the College of Social Science. This unique program forms from the collaborative efforts between the university and local school districts. This results in a unique and meaningful experience that benefits students as they go from academia to real-life practice.

6.) Stanford University

A world-class and well-known university, Stanford offers the opportunity for students to tailor their degree as they see fit through various programs and courses offered by their Graduate School of Education. Though degrees are only available for graduates pursuing either Masters or Doctorates, the minors and honors program are available for undergraduates who wish to make connections to their major programs of study. The minor and honors program also provide preparation for the graduate program.

7.) University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign

What separates this program from all the others at UIUC is its faculty. With 11 Nobel laureates as faculty members, it is a great resource for those interested in early childhood education. Their Early Education Childhood degree is offered at the undergraduate level through the College of Education. The program prepares students to teach from birth to second grade. Recommendations for the Illinois Early Childhood licensure is also available upon completion of the program.

Featured Image: depositphotos/luminastock