Overview: An Online Degree in Early Childhood Education

The ability to get a degree through an accredited university or college online program no matter where you are is just one of the many advantages that attract aspiring educators to earn their early childhood education degrees online. Online programs are usually much more affordable, with a wide variety of degrees related to early childhood education for students to choose from. It is also incredibly suitable for those who are looking to do part-time schooling.

Degree Requirements

Requirements may vary depending on what kind of degree is being pursued in early childhood education. An associate’s degree can be obtained with the completion of 60 credits, while a bachelor’s is obtained with the completion of 120 credits — double that of an associate’s. To obtain a master’s degree, the number of credits needed are usually dependent on the university or college, varying from 33-48 credits or more.

There are a handful of courses that is common throughout all those who study early childhood education, and that all are required to take. These courses tend to focus on educational philosophy, child development, and classroom management and dynamics. Besides these types of courses, some content and requirement will vary depending on the degree program. As well, courses will vary depending on the needs of the student (ie, specialization or a specific focus).

Gaining a Certification

To be able to legally teach in many places, you will need to obtain a professional teaching license. In some places, such as the United States, you must pass certain certification tests in order to obtain the certification or licensure. Thus, it is important to research the quality of test preparation programs when comparing various online programs.

As well, most degree programs will require for you to complete a clinical experience, where you will student-teach in a classroom environment (most likely preschool or kindergarten). This is essential in getting a certification in some areas.

Advantages of Studying Online

There are many advantages when it comes to choosing to study through an online program. One of the most important ones is cost. Often, online programs will cost significantly less when compared to a traditional degree program.

Many options can become open to you, as you do not have to worry about travel and living accommodations to be at where your school of choice is. As well, coursework is often flexible and can easily be made to fit a work schedule. It can also be argued that the discussions present in the online course environment is much more interesting and rich when compared to a traditional degree program in early childhood education.

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