Top 5 U.S. Universities for Education

One of the most rewarding but challenging professions is teaching. If you are interested in pursuing this profession, then you will undoubtedly want to know which U.S. colleges and universities can best prepare you for a career in education.

1.) Vanderbilt University

A renowned private research university, Vanderbilt is widely known as one of the best post-secondaries for education in the United States. Prospective students can choose from a variety of specialized bachelor degrees in education that best suits their interest.

These degrees include child development, child studies, early childhood education, elementary education, musical arts education, special education, and secondary education. They are offered through Vanderbilt’s Peabody College of Education and Human Development. The college consists of nationally-acclaimed research centers and exceptional faculty members, and an engaging and challenging environment.

 2.) University of Wisconsin – Madison

Recently recognized as the top education program by U.S News and World Report and has consistently placed top 5 in the United States, the UW-Madison School of Education offers a range of unique and distinguished undergraduate education programs.

These programs include majors in art education, elementary education, music education, and special education, along with a variety of languages and sciences. Alongside these traditional programs, the UW-Madison School of Education also offers educational programs in more specific fields, such as modern dance, theatre & drama, and kinesiology. As well, faculty members at the UW-Madison School of Education are widely proclaimed both nationally and internationally; an invaluable resource for those who wish to pursue a career in education.

 3.) University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Already a top-tier university, University of Michigan’s School of Education is one of best universities in the U.S when it comes to research funding and faculty-student ratio.

For their undergraduate program, students must complete two years of coursework in another discipline at the university before transferring to the School of Education to pursue a major in either elementary or secondary education. However, first-year students can be accepted in a Preferred Admissions program that guarantees their admittance into the School of Education during the third year of their study.

4.) University of Texas – Austin

One of the top-ranking schools when it comes to research expenditure, University of Texas’ College of Education offers its undergraduates a number of specific and intensive majors and degree plans in two streams: Applied Learning and Development or Kinesiology and Health Education.

Under Applied Learning and Development, students can choose to specialize in a variety of focuses such as special education, bilingual or general elementary education, youth studies, urban teachers, natural sciences, or fine arts. Under Kinesiology and Health Education, students can choose to specialize in areas such as health promotion, sport management, movement science, or athletic training programs. Graduates of these programs go on to not only become teachers, but also doctors, therapists, scientists, and researchers.

 5.) University of Oregon

The College of Education at the University of Oregon offers a unique opportunity for students to study-abroad, which is incredibly valuable for those who wish to teach abroad in the future. The College of Education offers undergraduate programs in Communication Disorders and Sciences, Educational Foundations, and Family and Human Services (with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education). They also offer a minor in Special Education.

Featured Image: depositphotos/kzlobastov