Everything to Know About Finding a Job in Chemical Engineering

There is high demand for chemical engineers due to the constant changes in regulatory compliance laws, however the process of actually finding a job in chemical engineering will depend entirely on your level of training, experience, expertise, and specific chemical engineering proficiency.

If you are a chemical engineer and you have knowledge of EPA and state regulatory compliance, chances are companies will put you in charge of upgrading chemical processes to meet new compliance regulations.

Education and Training:

To be eligible for hire chemical engineers must possess a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Any entry-level chemical engineer can be hired based on prior training or a professional engineering (PE) license. In order to obtain a professional engineering license, you have to take and pass the required test.

Taking the test means putting in extra work, however, possessing a PE license will add great value to the chemical engineer. In regards to the training chemical engineers receive, it will depend entirely on the demands and speciality field of the job being offered.

Top Locations for Jobs in Chemical Engineering

If you possess a degree in chemical engineering and you are on the hunt for a job, make sure you look at these 3 areas of work: energy, environmental and manufacturing jobs. Areas of work that focus on energy, specifically petrochemical energy industries, are often found in the West and Midwest while jobs in manufacturing are located in the South.

Necessary Steps to Take While Looking for a Chemical Engineering Job

Being able to grow in experience and skill is an important requirement for any job in chemical engineering. In order to prepare for this, make sure you follow these 2 steps. First, create a network of people who are involved in the field so you can have the best possible job search results. Second, always keep documentation of any newly acquired skills or publication of technical papers, since chemical engineering jobs are meant to turn into careers that move upwards over time.

On top of developing numerous skillsets, chemical engineers are required to work in teams and with other various types of engineers. As a result, the most successful engineers will be those who can maintain various skillsets while staying current and being attentive of the latest techniques and studies.

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