The Top 6 Universities For Chemical Engineering

Before committing to the field of chemical engineering, it is crucial that you do your research on the best chemical engineering programs out there. If you have a program in mind, make sure you consider how much of a focus there is on research, individualized learning, or industry integration at the school.

An important step in the overall process is to look at the type of program that you would want to enter into as well as the dynamics of the school. If you are looking to attend a highly ranked university for chemical engineering or for general undergraduate instruction, here are the top six schools!

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

With its reputation as the number one school for chemical engineering, MIT offers its students a demanding academic program with four undergraduate chemical engineering programs and three graduate programs. Since students have the flexibility to choose coursework based on their interests and the direction of their desired careers, obtaining an education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is sure to lead you in the right direction.

2. University of California-Berkeley

Known for it’s comfortable balance between academia and hands-on practice, students at the University of California-Berkeley have many opportunities to work alongside of various corporate leaders, which allows them to make connections in the field while they complete their academics.

3. University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Designed to help students attain the best employment opportunities following graduation, the chemical engineering program at Minnesota consists of labs and courses which focus on the principles of chemistry as well as the development of various soft skills needed in the field.

4. Stanford University

Learning from some of the most advanced minds in the research field, students at Stanford University are taught to be long-lasting learners and leaders in the field. With an emphasis on research, students are further prepared for chemical engineering graduate programs.

5. University of Wisconsin – Madison

With the program designed to meet the needs of individual learning and to give its students demanding instruction, the University of Wisconsin has over 50 engineering-related student organizations. In the heart of the Midwest, students are able to connect with one another and network with other engineering enthusiasts at the institution.

6. University of Texas – Austin

UT Austin takes home the title of being one of the biggest and most diverse state schools in the United States. As a result, engineering students can expect to receive from the institution more than just their demanding training in chemical engineering. Students receive their training from highly recognized and award-winning faculty, while the chemical engineering department constantly receives funding for research and puts an emphasis on student mentoring culture.

Featured Image: depositphotos/lagereek