The Top 6 Universities For Software Engineering

Are you interested in becoming a software engineer, but unsure of what institution to apply to? Here are the top 6 universities for the job!

1. Bellevue University

Offering everything from C++ courses to engineering internships, Bellevue University was ranked by the U.S. News and World Report as one of top 10 universities in the country for anyone pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science degree in software development. Over the years, Bellevue University has become an attractive option for prospective students as it is affordable, diverse, and there is a flourishing sense of online community where students are able to learn directly from their homes.

2.  Florida Institute of Technology

With less than 3,000 students and a faculty to student ratio of 1:13, Florida Tech likes to describe their campus as “High Tech with a Human Touch”. If you are someone who excels in smaller environments, then this might be the institution for you. Florida Tech is a small yet supportive school with an engineering program focusing on communication, humanities, and computer science.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Considered to be one of the most competitive and demanding schools in the world, MIT creates an advantage for anyone who attends. There may be a high demand for software engineers as the technological world is continuing to advance but graduates still end up battling one another for the best jobs. If you have a degree from MIT, then you have an edge on your rivals and the degree speaks for itself.

4. Post University

Ranked as having one of the top 20 online bachelor’s degree programs in the nation, students at Post University are able to obtain their degrees entirely online. As a prospective software engineer, you are able to choose between a BS in software development management or a BS in computer information systems. In addition, students are able to further their education with computer-related minors or additional education in technology and systems management.

5. University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix encourages its students to think ahead, and though they do not offer direct software engineering degrees, you do have the option to get a BS in information technology with a concentration in software. Many consider this to be an advantage as it will be just as beneficial to future employers. Advice commonly given to prospective software engineering students is that even though the tuition is costly at the University of Phoenix, consider it an investment as many industry leaders are graduates.

6. Kaplan University

Offering programs in software engineering and a degree in information technology, Kaplan University is a fully certified online college. Alumni of Kaplan University have all said that their time spent earning their degree was enjoyable as they had flexibility in their schedules and the coursework was the same as what a traditional university covers (software development, management, and administration).

Featured Image: depositphotos/alex150770