Top 5 Schools To Get a Mechanical Engineering Degree

As it is considered to be one of the more challenging majors to obtain, it is recommended to those interested in mechanical engineering to attend a university with a strong and prestiges mechanical engineering program. By doing so, you are benefitting yourself as you will have an unbelievable network of professors helping you as well as access to credible resources. Here are the top 5 schools to get your mechanical engineering degree at.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Considered by many to be the best university for mechanical engineering, tuition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology will cost you about $43,210 per year without the help of any financial aid, grants, or scholarships. Though it is costly to attend MIT, this is the school that has some of the country’s best engineering professors as well as massive funding for programs which allow for better research opportunities.

2. Stanford University

Since Stanford is known for having a wide availability of research opportunities for its mechanical engineering students, it should not come as surprise when you hear that about 60 percent of alumni from Stanford have conducted research in the field. Known for its intelligent, heavily collaborative and supportive student body, an atmosphere is created at Stanford which helps aid learning and growth. Tuition rates at Stanford University averages at around $45,480 per year.

3. California Institute of Technology

Generally speaking, most agree that Caltech is a costly institute, with tuition set at $39,990 for every year that you spend there. That said, at the end of the day people still consider attending Caltech to be worthwhile as there is a low student to professor ratio. For those considering the mechanical engineering program at Caltech know that you will never have to compete for the attention of your professors.

4. University of California-Berkeley

When it comes to schools with the best mechanical engineering programs, the University of California-Berkeley was ranked #3 by the US News & World Report. According to the US News & World Report, tuition at UCB sits at around $11,220 per year, which is considerably lower than the other top mechanical engineering programs. If you are looking for a mechanical engineering program that is highly respected due to its network of professors and the funding provided for the program, then the University of California-Berkeley might just be the institution for you!

5. Georgia Institute of Technology

Similar to the University of California-Berkeley, the Georgia Institute of Technology has a lower than average tuition cost, sitting at around $11,324 per year. Now, the tuition may be lower than normal at GaTech but know that the academics are going to be extremely demanding. If you find that your schedule at GaTech is not as rigorous as you would of thought, there are multiple extracurricular activities that are offered such as clubs and research opportunities.

If majoring in mechanical engineering is something that you are striving for, then these are the five universities that will offer you the best programs. However, as mentioned, admission into these programs can be difficult and competitive, so work hard in high school and make sure you stay focused and dedicated to your goals!

Featured Image: depositphotos/Jirsak