Medical Assistant: Is This The Right Path For You?

Are you thinking about becoming a medical assistant, but aren’t sure if you are the right fit for the job? Everyone at some point or another will have to decide on a career path and for those wanting to become a medical assistant, make sure that you are armed with enough knowledge and information about the job before committing.

Exemplary Personality Characteristics

A medical assistant has to be extremely dependable as many people, such as doctors, patients, and treatment specialists, will be relying on you. As a medical assistant, doctors and patients will be counting on you to be on time, to know your job, and to respect various protocols. If a medical assistant lacks dependability, there is the possibility of deadly consequences, so make sure that you only enter the field if you can stick to your word.

Any area of work in the medical field will reach high levels of stress, therefore stress management is an important and beneficial characteristic to have as a medical assistant. If you are able to handle a constant flow of patients coming into the clinic or health care facility in which you work or you are able to do paperwork for hours on end, then a career as a medical assistant might be the path for you.

Annual Income

Income for medical assistants tends to vary by state, however, on average, medical assistants can make about $30,000 per year, or $14.50 per hour. On one end of the spectrum, medical assistants can make $42,000 per year or $20 per hour, and on the lower end, medical assistants can make $10 per hour, equaling to $21,000 per year.

If for instance, working as a medical assistant is something that you are committed to but you are factoring in location and salary then choosing to work somewhere like Alaska rather than a state like Oklahoma will allow you the chance to make more money.

The Work Environment

Depending on the type of medical assistance a person has chosen, the actual working conditions will vary. For instance, there is the option of becoming a clinical medical assistant, an administrative medical assistant, and a specialized medical assistant.

Working in an environment like a clinic, a doctor’s office, and various other health care facilities, a clinical medical assistant tends to spend their time making sure that the practice runs smoothly. This is done by focusing on patients and assessments.

As one might think, an administrative medical assistant focuses on the administration of a company. This medical assistant works at the front desk or reception office of a hospital, a medical clinic, or other health care facilities.

On the other hand, specialized medical assistants chose a particular field of medicine to focus on. That said, just like clinical medical assistants, many specialized medical assistants will focus on helping physicians with patient care.

Scheduling and Hours

Working roughly 40 hour a week, medical assistants work in sanitary and interactive environments, regardless of the duties that they have for the day. Though you can find medical assistants that work part-time and others who work evenings and on the weekends, it usually depends on the office hours and the nature of the medical services offered at the facility.

Even though medical assistants don’t make as much money as other healthcare professionals, many find it to be a fulfilling career. If you have any of the personality characteristics mentioned above and you find that you are content with the income, hours, and working conditions of a medical assistant, then you can look forward to a promising career. 

Featured Image: depositphotos/alexraths