The Top 5 Physician Assistant Programs in the United States

Similar to any graduate area of study, investing in your education means you are investing in your future.

If you are thinking about pursuing a career as a physician assistant, make sure you research the best possible education, as the better your education is, the better the job opportunities will be. If you want to apply to a top physician assistant program, keep reading as the top 5 physician assistant programs in the United States will be discussed.

1. Duke University

Considered to be the “birthplace” of the profession, Duke University is ranked as the top program for anyone wanting to become a certified physician assistant. Taking pride in the fact that Duke manages to keep a 95% employment rate for their physician assistant graduates, their students also have some of the top test scores on the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam. 

2. University of Iowa

Taking the title of one of the more unique universities, the University of Iowa’s physician assistant program allows students to be mixed with medical students during their coursework. As a result, students learn to work effectively with physicians as supervisors.

3. University of Utah

If an important aspect of your physician assistant career is to provide service to the community then you should consider enrolling in the University of Utah. With great emphasis put on evidence-based caring and cultural sensitivity, students are encouraged to have a patient-focused mindset within a service-learning setting.

4. Emory University

With great emphasis put on evidence-based practices in the medical field and working within a team, prospective physician assistant students at Emory University are able to have a dual MMSc-PA and MPH degree. This allows students to obtain two degrees and work as a physician assistant with a specialization in global health issues.

5. George Washington University

Located in Washington, D.C, the physician assistant program at GW focuses on improving leadership skills in order to encourage their students to participate in professional development and service activities. In addition, the physician assistant program at GW allows students to complete their classes with medical and other health science students.

Featured Image: depositphotos/AndreyPopov