Top 5 Medical Assistant Programs in the United States

Do you want to be able to make a living by improving the quality of someone’s life? If so, pursuing a career as a medical assistant might just be the route for you. That said, in order to enter the world of healthcare, you have to be able to gain the skills needed for day-to-day life in a hospital or clinic setting. Below are the top 5 medical assistant programs in the United States.

1. Broward College

If you are looking for quick entrance into the healthcare industry, applying to Broward College in Fort Lauderdale, Florida might be your best bet. With the freedom to select which campus in Florida you want to take your prerequisite and medical assisting courses at, you can complete the program in 10 months or less.

At Broward College, students are able to train in both medicine and office administration, which increases their knowledge and job opportunities. In an affordable program taught by experienced professors, students at Broward are immersed in small classrooms, so there is no competing for the professor’s attention.

2. Everest College

With it’s headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, Everest College has campuses spread out across the United States, and they offer their students medical assistant training in some of the most advanced facilities. In addition to learning in a classroom, students are also required to have 160 hours of practical experience at a physician’s office or medical facility.

In order to learn the skills needed to perform both office and laboratory tasks, students learn about computer technology, anatomy, and pharmacology. Everest College is an institute that helps its students find jobs in their field following graduation, therefore it is no surprise when you hear that there are more medical assistants who have graduated from this college than any other school in the United States.

3. Ivy Tech Community College

With its headquarters in Indianapolis, Ivy Tech Community College offers its students both certificate and associate degree programs in medical assisting. Certified by several medical assistant organizations, the health care programs at Ivy Tech have been designed in a way that that promotes small classes and laboratory-training sizes.

In addition, students are taught about specialized patient-care processes while receiving training in office procedures, such as preparing insurance paperwork. Generally speaking, tuition at Ivy Tech is affordable, however, if a student needs financial aid, they are able to apply for loans, scholarships, and grants.

4. Pima Medical Institute

Founded in the 1970s, and now headquartered in Tucson, with additional locations in several different states, the Pima Medical Institute is a privately owned institution that provides its students with specialized health care training.

Students are able to receive training in a traditional classroom and laboratory setting before embarking on their practical experience at a physician’s office or medical facility. With their medical assisting program lasting less than nine months, students at the Pima Medical Institute are able to quickly begin their careers in the healthcare industry.

5. Globe University

Apart of the Minnesota School of Business, Globe University has campuses in South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Minnesota. With a great deal of focus spent on ensuring that medical assisting students have enough training in practical experience and classroom lectures, future medical assistants can choose between a program lasting 12 months or one that lasts 18 months. At Globe University, students learn various patient care, administrative and laboratory skills.

Featured Image: depositphotos/Brainsil