Nurse Practitioner Salaries

Whether just starting out in the workforce or deciding what kind of career one wants to pursue, many of us are often curious about the salary one is expected to earn in a certain profession. This is no different for the career of a nurse practitioner. Outlined below are some the answers to questions that one might have regarding the salaries of nurse practitioners, and what exactly it means to become a nurse practitioner.

What Does the Job Entail?

A nurse practitioner have many of the same responsibilities of most doctors; they can treat and diagnose diseases and other medical conditions, interpret test results, educate/counsel, provide medication if permitted by law, and even perform minor surgeries. Usually nurse practitioners practice under the supervision of a doctor, but there are some who practice individually. Nurse practitioners can work in a variety of settings: clinics, schools, nursing care facilities, physicians’ offices, hospitals, and more.

Those who are nurse practitioners have, at a minimum, a master’s degree that is usually related to Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) roles. Usually they are also practicing Registered Nurses (RN). They also must be licensed in order to practice. The license that they must acquire is different from the one they must acquire in order to become RN.

Average Salary

As of May 2016, the average annual wage of a nurse practitioner is $104, 610 according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. New York has the highest employment level of nurse practitioners, while California is the highest paying state with an annual average wage of $124, 330.

Nurse Practitioner Salary vs. Other Health Care Salaries

For those who cannot decide which career related to health care to go into, one should note that nurse practitioners get paid quite well in comparison to other health care jobs. The average salary of a nurse practitioner is almost double the amount of licensed vocational and practical nurses, whose annual average income $44,090. Registered nurses have an annual average income of $68, 450.

Other occupations such as respiratory therapists and physical therapists have a lower annual incomes when compared to nurse practitioners ($58, 670 and $85, 400 on average, respectively).

All data is extracted from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, which is projected from data as of May 2016.

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